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Our work at home business empowers you to create the life you dream of for yourself and your loved ones by offering a business opportunity that pays you what you’re worth. We believe you deserve to be compensated generously for your efforts.  We welcome all people, from all backgrounds. We provide all of the training FREE.  This is an exciting business for everyone...work from home moms, corporate executives, college students, retirees, fitness professionals, truck drivers, sales and marketing professionals, customer service reps, computer programmers, doctors, teachers,...the list goes on and on!


We've designed our step by step, proven system with real people, like you, in mind. As part of Pro10Team, you'll learn how to be paid well; be paid early;  be paid frequently; and you’ll be paid infinitely! That is part of the Pro10Team life. With YOUR work at home business, we want you to realize the Pro10Team principles of wealth: the power of royalty income versus hourly or salary compensation, the unique opportunity that is yours to become part of an exclusive group of people, that has a true breakthrough product not available anywhere else, and an early opportunity to earn an ownership stake in a company marketing THE breakthrough product of the 21st century.

That is why this opportunity is different and why it is a sound opportunity. You’re building your business on a product that is sound, because it is built on a foundation of truth that has been globally tested and its claims have been validated.  


I am a 20+ year veteran in this profession, and have been blessed to be able to work from home with my 4 children, ages 15,12, 9 and 6. We have earned millions; thanks to our great mentors. We have learned that money is just a "measuring stick" of a job well done. One can do amazing things in the world and for the world with money. The best part, is that we have been able to teach others the skills so they could do the same thing! Recently, we have come out of "retirement" to help launch the most exciting opportunity that we have ever seen in 20 years. We are looking for teachable people that are willing to make a change in their life. It doesn't matter if you are looking to earn part-time income or full-time income; we have a plan that will fit into your life and change your life for the better. You will have BOTH of us, as your committed mentors, to teach you the skills it took for us to have success. It is your choice to learn and act on these skills.

Right now, you have reviewed this page and you've committed your
time and energy to improve yourself just by reading it.

Do you really realize how unique you are that you're
committed to improving and being your best?

We don't care that you might not be where you want to be yet.
Big deal! None of us are!

Do you really realize that your commitment to a better LIFE
will soon inspire your family, friends, strangers and future generations?

You don't have to do anything to deserve success. You
can choose to be successful…or not. That choice is up to you.
Stop waiting for a certain event or condition to happen to become great.

We are honored that you're reading this right now. We are. We
appreciate you and look forward to meeting you.

DON'T WAIT to start your home based business.
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Blessings of Health and Wealth to You~

Nancy Leavitt

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